Urd? au Barlok

avec Charles Le Maire Saxophone, Rudy Servais Percussions, Cor des Alpes et Tuba et Hadrien Peters Live FX et samples


Ensemble Boswil

This was a concert of the Boswil Ensemble in the Grosser Saal of the Musik Akademie der Stadt-Basel, Switzerland in 2014.The Boswil Ensemble meets once per year to play pieces of renowned composers.It is made up by young musicians and it makes a tour around different cities from Switzerland.In 2014 the main theme from the music played was ”Japan”.

World premiere

It was a world premiere of an argentinian composer,Leandro Mantiñan,who was also one of my masters.The concert was in the Grosser Saal of the Musik Akademie der Stadt-Basel,Switzerland, the same hall where Bartok premiered his Sonata for two pianos and percussion.

LINDE, for vibraphone and tape (1994) de Daniel Almada

The concert was in Bahía Blanca, Argentina, in a contemporary music festival,and the piece I played is for Vibraphone and Electronics,a technique that is nowadays very used but in the year that was composed (1994) it was still rare.


This was a recording I made at my home to send it to some teachers in Europe,when I was studying in Argentina.It was one of the first pieces written for marimba.


Funky Bompa

Latin Heat, Afrobeat, Tropical Dynamite, Brazil Sounds
Select Funk, Hard Jazz, Lost Soul, Solid Rock, Hip Hop
Roots Rhythm&Blues, Deep Disco, Allround Soundtracks


Jérémie Renoir



Maëlan is a singer/songwriter born in Brussels, besides having a very unique flow, a strong sense of melody and a distinctive voice, he is also a talented producer, crafting beats for other artists and himself.